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No hurry for Buy. Looks end of Drama "Index Badao stock Girao" Hope they will shift their eyes into stocks after correction. Still Silent :) (March 26, 2015 Time 10:28 pm)


Silence is also a best way for traders when trend is not clear in mind. Market looks in Holiday Mood till 31st March (March 24, 2015 Time 11:35 am)


Analysis created only to predict the opportunities in Panics.... Not like that badta dikhe Buy Girta dikhe Sell. I am trying to predict. My study is still on :) (March 19, 2015 Time 10:30 am)


Its really a shock for us when we listen from them at 9000 market is a long term buy. At 8600 below 8600 possible 8100. Public u save ?? (March 19, 2015 Time 10:18 am)


Many waiting to buy Nifty above 8800 spot.. hope they will make entry... 100-200 points to kamane ka banta hai.... :) Jai Maa Saraswati.. (March 19, 2015 Time 09:40 am)


ACC FUTURE CAN CLIMB TO AROUND 1700 STOP LOSS 1570 CMP 1600. (March 18, 2015 Time 10:00 am)


Nifty 8600 looks important support... Buy at 8700-8650-8620 stop loss 8600 closing base, Target 8900-9000-9100. Alti palti de ghuma ke :) (March 17, 2015 Time 07:30 pm)


Positional trade IDBI CAN CLIMB UP TO 85 STOP LOSS 73 CURRENT PRICE 75.7 (March 17, 2015 Time 12:27 pm)


Enjoying profit booking of shorts... booked more then 90 %. Now waiting for the Indication to take entry in long trades..  :) (March 16, 2015 Time 11:23 am)


How much we far away from the target of 8500. that is I was expecting... hope u are not trapped in others buy call :) (March 13, 2015 Time 2:30 pm)


Better to predict their action more then (Iske Upar Uske Niche), is Called Advanced Technical :) (March 9, 2015)


Our Stock Indicators giving Sign of Correction in Market. Sell Nifty above 9000 stop loss of 9200 Target 8500. Psu banks looks ultra bearish (March 7, 2015)


Bank Nifty 21000 looks important resitant... Sell with stop loss of 21000 (Closing base) positional (March 4, 2015)



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