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Try to exit from short term longs... sign of correction.. possible 8350-8300.. I want to buy at lower levels. (22 July)


One day View changers again trapped in shorts.... We are enjoying our stocks longs.... No sign of correction... Enjoy Teji :) (25 June)


Nifty above 8300.. book profit 50 percent... get ready for sharp movement in selected stocks now. (22 June)


Buy Nifty 7980-7950 sl 7900 Target 8600 Positional (16 June)


I want to do Trade as a bull now.... want to change the roll... Only waiting for the signal... Mujhe mandadiya na kehna Bhaia (12 June)


Dear followers think how much loss u save after following us. See others .. I am not talking about profit. (11 June)


Nifty below 7997 new lower bottom... looks like my dream come true As told 1 month back.. hope all bulls sl triggered now. (11 June)


Looks dangerous day for bears.. buy nifty sl 8014 target 8150.. only time pass quantity for intraday. (09 June)


Possible pull back from 8050.... Booking profit of nifty.... 8200 looks good to short again... Not intrested in buy.. Only stock shorts now. (08 June)


Nifty break Yesterday low... Clear cut downtrend trend... possible 7900 and below this time. (04 June)


Making money as a bull looks difficult. No Stability at higher levels. Again saying it is not reacting as a bull market. Looks more downside (03 June)


Looking for a lower low in Nifty... Previous low is 7997.15.


Sell CIPLA positional sl 700 strict target 620 cmp 675.


Get ready for bears attack today.... Sell ICICI BANK future sl 323 cmp 318.


In short term We are looking for lower levels in some selected stocks. 8450 looks important resistance for Nifty.



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