About Us


I Prabhat Mittal (SEBI Registration No. : INH000001915) a professional technical analyst and a trader based in Bhopal and run my own consultancy. I am post graduate commerce and working in stock market  since 2004. I came in stock market as trader and incurred many losses due to unawareness about stock market.

After those trading losses I tried to know what is the reason that whenever I sell out any stock it goes up and whenever I buy, it came down. Then I started analyzing those levels where the operators or institutions buy a particular script and where they sell it by keeping in view the technical study. After making my study as base I recovered from the losses and started earning.

From this site I want to prevent those lakhs of people who Bear daily losses and call this stock market is a speculative one.

My Suggestions

  • Don’t believe on my tips until and unless you make it sure that my experience is more than you.

  • Don’t do future trading without margins


My Motto

I just want to realize, you are earning with me.


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